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Advanced Body Treatments

Cellulite reduction massage



The ultimate rescue for cellulite prone skin. Dry skin brushing starts this treatment, next a cellulite control massage oil is applied and a hands on massage follows using specialised massage techniques to help break down fatty tissues. Completing this treatment, an electrical percussor with a powerful motor will simultaneously follow the contours of the body providing simultaneous rotating and vibrating movements. This massage promotes circulation and lymphatic flow and is particularly effective for cellulite, dimpled skin and loose connective tissue. A course of treatments is recommended for maximum effect. (Buy a course of 5 and get a 6th treatment free!)

Purifying back hydradermie



This triple effect treatment is excellent for oily and acne prone skin. Ideal for blocked pores and improving skin texture, this powerful treatment purifies and hydrates the skin through the use of advanced galvanic desincrustation, a deep exfoliation like no other. Specialised gels are also fed into the skin using iontophoresis. Lastly direct high frequency will be carried out. Ozone produced by direct high frequency has a germicidal and decongestive action on the skin. Specialized oxidising cream is used to eliminate bacteria and combat congestion. This targets current blemishes and helps to prevent future breakouts. Kaolin, fullers earth and witch hazel will be mixed in a synergy to provide a customized mask which will be applied to the back. These ingredients will assist in desquamation, and help reduce the production of sebum and heal inflamed congested skin conditions. As the mask is setting enjoy a complementary head massage. (Buy a course of 5 and get a 6th treatment free!)

Hydrating full body hydradermie



Make an amazing difference to dry, dehydrated skin through the advanced technology of indirect high frequency. Indirect high frequency is used to aid in product penetration. Beneficial active essential oils are infused into the skin through the current, which has a hydrating effect on the skin. It stimulates superficial circulation bringing nutrition and moisture balance to the skin thereby having a tightening effect. This treatment is non-invasive with little or no sensation felt. (Buy a course of 5 and get a 6th treatment free!)

Vacuum suction toning and drainage body treatment



This completely customised body treatment uses double action slimming technology and energising plant extracts to kick-start your body’s lymph drainage system, helping it to eliminate toxins. It tackles cellulite by working on both the skin and underlying muscles, using a simultaneous combination of massage, lymphatic drainage, ionisation and stimulation. The result is firmer, smoother skin with a noticeable improvement in skin texture as well as a fantastic feeling of lightness and energy. (Buy a course of 5 and get a 6th treatment free!)

Toning leg therapy



This treatment works in a synergy using a triple action technology of Vacuum suction and Environs direct frequency, sonotophoresis & iontophoresis to break down cellulite and drain fatty deposits, as well as firming skin tissue. (Buy a course of 5 and get a 6th treatment free!)

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