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Black Friday Deals 2021

2021/11/26 00:00:00

3 Technologies in one

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Cocktail of 3 technologies combined together.  This facial is designed to buff the skins surface  and revitalise dry, tired looking skin. 

Micro-dermabrasion – Full face & neck! Plus LED light therapy & G5 technology FREE! 

NOW £40 (normal price £80) ~ Save £40

Was £80 Now £40

4 Technologies in one

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Cocktail of 4 technologies combined together. A targeted solution for eyes, this treatment will improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Combining 2 powerful peptide complexes together will ensure a completely refreshed hydrated youthful appearance. 

Vacuum suction, LED light therapy, Mirco-current technology & Environs bespoke eye treatment. 

NOW £70 (normal price £110) ~ Save £40

Was £110 Now £70


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Micro-needling uses tiny needles to puncture the surface of the skin to create micro tears. The body then reacts by triggering a wound healing response. An intense repair, renewal and rejuvenation of the area then occurs. Micro-needling – Full face! Including LED light therapy FREE – NOW £75 (normal price £150) ~ Save £75


Was £150 Now £75

Chemical Peel

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An intensive combination of three treatments in one. This unique trio combination will firstly improve the overall texture of the skin. Secondly improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and thirdly revealing soother, evenly textured skin. 

Chemical Peel (to suit your skin type and condition) & One of Envion’s Bespoke Facials & micro-current technology FREE! – NOW £60 (normal price £120) ~ Save £60

Was £120 Now £60

4 Part Facial

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This 4 part facial combines 4 technologies together for a perfect synergy of exfoliation, hydration & overall skin tightening. This highly effective facial will help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by infusing peptides and vitamins deep under the skin, ensuring a hydrated youthful appearance. 

Environ’s Direct Frequency Facial – Full face & neck! Plus Micro-current & Radio Frequency & Galvanic Desincrustation included FREE! – Now £75 ~ (normal price £135) ~ Save £60




Was £135 Now £75

8 week Skin Transformation

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Eternal Beauties 8 week Signature 

Skin Transformation!

Week one – An in depth skin consultation.

Profhilo’s skin hydration & skin rejuvenation treatment using hyaluronic acid. 

Week 3 – Environs Direct Frequency Facial & Micro-current & Radio Frequency technology included FREE! ~ Save £110

Week 4 – Profhilo (2nd treatment) 

Week 8 – Envion’s peel 

NOW £400 (normal price £548) ~ Save £148

Was £548 Now £400

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